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Everyone Wants a Mercedes CLA for Christmas

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Dealers just can't keep them in stock.

We've already reported on how much sales success Mercedes-Benz is enjoying thanks to its new CLA, which is basically helping the automaker to body slam BMW in the sales battle. And now Mercedes is informing its US dealer network to expect to see fewer CLAs in the first half of 2014; it literally can't build them fast enough. The CLA production plant is currently at full capacity due to the car's "overwhelming success."

Output won't support demand until next July because CLA is Mercedes' best launch in 20 years, and younger buyers are literally fighting over them. The average CLA buyer is 46 years-old, while the typical C-Class buyer is 54, and 57 is the age for the brand as a whole. Basically Mercedes dealers are seeing increased floor traffic and plenty of first-time buyers thanks to the CLA, a fact that's causing some headaches over at BMW. The CLA may be front-wheel-drive, but its affordable luxury with the Mercedes hood star emblem. That's turning out to be a winning combo.

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