Everyone Wins When A Ferrari LaFerrari Plays Tug Of War With A Super Bike

Haters gonna say it's fake.

Automotive tug of war videos are pretty damn dumb but you can’t deny the fact that they are crazy fun to watch. Usually they involve two similar and evenly matched cars/trucks together. Other times the matchups are ridiculous and wild, like a C5 Corvette against a Blazer. But in the tug of war hall of fame this video may go down as the strangest of them all. It stars a Ferrari LaFerrari and a KTM Super Duke. One is a supercar and the other is a super bike. Yeah, it’s just a bit of a mismatch.

Haters are going to say this video is fake, and it likely is. Still, it’s good fun to watch these two bonkers vehicles smoke tires in a fake life or death tug of war match. Guys, next time you want people to believe this is real one of the vehicles needs to wind up in that pit of water. Do it for the views!

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