Everything You Need To Know About Drifting Is Being Taught By These Guys

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Tire smoldering BMWs are waiting for you. Here's how.

Perhaps it's time you stopped wishing you could do something and make it happen. And one thing we've always wanted to master is drifting, the Japanese-born tire-smoldering motorsport that's just as must an art form as it is badass. That is, of course, if you know what you're doing, and fortunately these guys are here to make sure you do. MYWay Drift School is exactly what its name says, offering everything from beginner's courses to intensive sessions that'll put you on par with some of the best drifters out there.

You won't be learning on any old car; only a fleet of BMW E46 3 Series will suffice. Each one is fully fabricated for pro drifting with 330-hp V8s, 62 degrees steering angle systems, hydraulic e brakes, weight reduction, and required bits such as roll-bars, racing bucket seats and harnesses and, of course, fire extinguishing systems.

Oh, and your skills are perfected on 40,000 square meters of tarmac. We told you this was the real deal. Want to enroll? Of course you do. Learn about all of the courses offered and upcoming activities by heading over to MYWay Drift School's official website and Facebook page.

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