Everything You Need To Know About Tesla's Latest Software Update

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The Tesla you bought a year ago becomes a better car today.

Clearly satisfied with the range and performance capabilities of its models, Tesla has spent quite a bit of time this year on interior and technology upgrades. Already, the EV automaker has introduced some of the most dramatic changes to the interior of the Model S in some time. Of course, these include the controversial yoke steering wheel and a new infotainment interface with a landscape touchscreen layout.

Now, a new software update - version 2021.24 - has begun rolling out and it adds several features that will delight drivers and their kids alike. Using the Tesla Theater Mode app, users will now be able to access Disney Plus video streaming as well as a new Car Wash mode.

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Disney Plus will, however, require a subscription to access which is separate from the company's Premium Data Connectivity package. Disney Plus joins other streaming services like Netflix, Twitch, and YouTube, all accessible via the car's large central screen but only when the vehicle is parked, for obvious safety reasons. Most drivers will find the new Car Wash mode more useful. The feature can be accessed via the Service menu and prepares the EV prior to being washed.

The car will close all the windows, stop the automatic wipers from activating, disable Sentry Mode alerts, lock the charging port, and prevent the parking sensor warning chime from driving you absolutely insane while your Model S gets a good cleaning.

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If you use an automatic conveyor belt car wash, you can choose a Free Roll option - this will shift the car into neutral and prevent the automatic engagement of the parking brake should you exit the car.

Other small changes include allowing the dash cam to record and store clips if there is a crash or the airbags deploy, a battery state of charge indicated by either distance or percentage, and an option to keep the Wi-Fi connection operable when shifting into drive. The side mirror auto-dimming feature can be enabled or disabled too. Finally, if you want to practice your Russian, Hungarian, or Romanian, Tesla has now added support for these languages. While none of these changes are drastic, they are an excellent reminder of how modern, connected vehicles can be gradually improved during their lifetimes with a quick over-the-air update.

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