EVgo Lets Users Pay For EV Charging Using Amazon Alexa

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The company keeps trying to make charging simpler.

EVgo is the first charging network to partner with Amazon, allowing Alexa integration to locate and pay for electricity.

Electric vehicles with Alexa capability, like the Chevrolet Bolt and Ford Mustang Mach-E, will soon be able to navigate to the closest charger using a voice command and initiate payment seamlessly. If you don't have a car with Alexa built-in, this feature will also work with the Echo Auto, a $50 accessory that adds Amazon's voice assistant to any vehicle.

"We want Alexa to be useful for customers in their everyday lives, and EV charging is a great example of a task that can be simplified and made more convenient through the power of AI," said Anes Hodzic, Vice President of Amazon Smart Vehicles. "By partnering with EVgo, we're bringing Alexa's AI and multi-modal experiences to improve the EV charging experience for drivers and streamline the process of locating, initiating, and paying for a charging session."

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This is yet another attempt by EVgo to improve the user charging experience. The company recently announced a feature called Autocharge Plus, which allows EVs to talk directly to the charging station and pay for the electricity automatically without an app or card.

"EVgo and Amazon's shared principles of being customer-centric and committed to a sustainable future make innovative experiences like voice-initiated charging possible," said Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo. "From Autocharge+ to charging with Alexa, EVgo is committed to continuing to raise the bar for convenience of EV ownership for our customers. EVgo is proud to be Amazon's first charging network partner to enable this Alexa experience, and support its Climate Pledge to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040."

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The Alexa-powered function utilizes Plugshare, an EV community app under the EVgo family. The partnership is set up so users can create an account, find stations, and complete payments, all inside the Alexa app.

They can also view session and billing information without opening Plugshare or the EVgo app. With little improvements like this, networks like EVgo can inch closer to Tesla's seamless Supercharger experience.

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