Evidence A Mid-Engine Corvette Is Coming: A Quarter Billion Dollar Corvette Factory Retooling

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Corvette buyers are the real winners here.

There are some cars that people just can't seem to stop talking about, especially when it comes to rumors about new versions. General Motors is usually more than happy to let rumors about the Corvette fly because, hey, any publicity is good publicity. Right? Once again it's time for that gossip to start because GM has just invested no less that $290 million dollars on retooling the Corvette's factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Why did this money start up the rumor mill once again?

Because GM stated in an intentionally vague way that the money is going to "technology upgrades and manufacturing process improvements." Whether those plans include moving the pushrod V8 from the front to the midsection of the sports car remains unclear. However, Car and Driver leaked information last month that claims the famed Zora mid-engine Corvette will become a reality by 2018. Citing an internal source and aerial photography at GM's Michigan proving grounds, C&D spotted a mid-engine mule and mentioned that the unicorn Corvette is being benchmarked against high-end cars purchased by the automaker. These include two Ferrari 458s, two Porsche 911 Turbos a Nissan GT-R, a BMW i8, and a McLaren.

The mid-engine 'Vette is predicted to go on sale in 2019 with a base price around $80,000. Following its release, the standard front-engine Corvette should be phased out and the new generation will be solidified once the all-electric E-Ray Corvette comes into the picture. Despite the indication that the fabled Corvette will become a reality, there is healthy evidence to suggest that the $290 million investment will not go towards building the supercar. First is the fact that the current C7 Corvette is relatively young to be replaced. The second piece of evidence is that GM invested $439 million on a paint shop at the Corvette plant, making this investment seem paltry. Looks like we'll just have to keep waiting for more spy shots or an official announcement.

Source Credits: www.autonews.com

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