Evil Twin 3,000-HP 1957 Chevy Crowned Drag Week Champion Averages 6.84 @ 212 MPH

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The Beast came in fourth.

Father and son Jeff Lutz Sr. and Jeff Lutz Jr. put on a stunning display during the 2014 Drag Week, covering over 1,000 miles of driving, and averaging quarter-mile runs in the sixes over five days. Their weapons for the event were two monster 1957 Chevys, both powered by 88-mm turbocharged 692 cu.in (11.3 liters) units mated to a Rossler 210 tranny and Gear Venders Overdrive. The only difference between the cars is weight, with the Beast weighing in at 3,800 pounds, and the Evil Twin at 3,000 pounds.

Obviously those weight savings paid off, and after averaging 6.84 seconds at 212 mph over the five-day event, Lutz Senior was crowned champion.

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