Evo Explores BMW's Art Cars

Art Car

Henry Catchpole checks out the BMW Art Cars Collection upon its first voyage to England for the Olympic Games in London.

In order to promote its status as the London Olympics official automotive partner, for the first time in history BMW brought a vast array of its Art Car collection to the UK last month. The BMW Art Car program has been going for some 35 years and in that time some of the world's most celebrated pop artists have been commissioned to paint BMW's cars in their own vision including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, Alexander Calder and, most recently, Jeff Koons.

The latter's M3 GT2 was recently airlifted by helicopter onto a Norwegian cliff for an epic photo shoot. Having written about BMW Art Cars for his university dissertation, Evo's Henry Catchpole was the perfect person to give us a tour of some of the cars that made it to London.

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In addition to simply enjoying these awesome works of art, the video offers interesting factoids about the cars in the collection. For example, Andy Warhol painted the M1 in just 28 minutes, too quick for the camera crew hired to capture the artist at work to film him in action, while Jeff Koons M3 GT2 may look like its covered in colorful stripes, but there's a lot more to it than meets the eye. Check out the video to find out what.