Evolution Of The Mustang Included Hideous Ford-Badged Heaps Of Metal


Nothing good ever comes easy, but boy are we glad Ford persevered.

Remember when the first iPhone came out? Its design seems primitive compared to the new iPhone X that searches faces for signs of familiarity. At its time of release, the first iPhone was game-changing. It seems so simple in retrospect, a large screen dominating the experience, high adaptability, apps opening up new realms of experience, but nowadays that's become the norm. Similar to the iPhone is the Ford Mustang. That angry face leading towards a fastback sitting over the rear haunches is familiar to us now.

Even the front-mounted V8 sending power to the rear is a recipe that takes no acquired taste to enjoy, but all of that we take for granted. We're spoiled creatures now, accustomed to cheap horsepower that's used so liberally it threatens the lives of spectators at every Cars and Coffee. You don't see a Porsche doing that.

Yeah, the 911 changed the game, but it didn't impact as many lives as the Mustang. But it wasn't always like that. When the Mustang was first incepted in 1965, it quickly became the sales phenomenon that it is today. Even with a price tag that made it attainable to the masses, both the rich and poor found a deep love for the pony car. Things got a little hairy in the 70s and 80s when fuel supplies dwindled, but that ultimately gave way to radical albeit plastic aesthetics in the 90s and after persevering even when its rivals dropped dead, we were rewarded an the era of horsepower wars that gave way to engineers trying to tame that power using proven track technology. Reflecting is good, but now that we have the GT350, we're never going back.

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