EVs Will Be Cadillac's Last Chance To Succeed


Could one more failure result in Cadillac's end?

At the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, Cadillac had a lot more to reveal than just its all-new three-row XT6 crossover. Prior to the show, we heard General Motors would morph the Cadillac brand into an all-electric luxury Tesla rival. Although we didn't get to see a surprise reveal of an Audi e-Tron or Mercedes EQC rival, Cadillac did show two pictures of a future EV crossover concept. We have no idea what this new vehicle will be called, how much it will cost, or what its range will be, though we do know it may be Cadillac's last hope for success, according to the company's president.

Cadillac Cadillac

Speaking to Reuters at the Detroit Auto Show, newly appointed GM president Mark Reuss said, "We don't have any chances left with taking Cadillac to a really new place. This is pretty much it." This is a rather dooming comment from the man who just took over America's largest automaker after working his way up from being an intern back in 1983. Reuss really wants to see Cadillac succeed, "So we really have to hit the ball here," he added. "It's my job to make sure we do."

Cadillac Cadillac Cadillac

We have already seen the Jaguar I-Pace challenge Tesla in the luxury EV crossover segment and Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are not far behind. Reuss says "one of the first" fully electric models from GM's new BEV3 platform should arrive on the market sometime in 2022. It is too early to tell whether this will be too late, as the Jaguar and the Germans will have the market to themselves for a few years by then.

Cadillac will continue to sell cars with internal combustion engines for "for quite a few years," said Reuss. "All I'm focused on is what we're doing right now - and getting momentum back in Cadillac."


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