EXCLUSIVE: Apollo Wants To Build A 1,000-HP Electric Hypercar

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These are the guys to watch. Trust us.

Apollo made a big splash with its Arrow Concept at Geneva last March, and only a few weeks ago announced it had partnered up with James Glickenhaus and his Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) to develop the production-spec twin-turbo V8-powered Arrow S and track-only V12 Titan. We recently spoke with Apollo's chief designer, Joe Wong, about the company's future plans and, of course, the subject of EVs was brought up. Wong immediately told us the technology isn't being ruled out.

"The industry is rapidly evolving towards EVs and others, such as hydrogen. It is wise to adapt to advancing technologies and also understanding how we can push further to create more sustainable products for the world to enjoy," Wong explained to us. Furthermore, "it's not difficult to get over 1,000 hp (from an EV). The tricky part is how can we sustain the longevity of the parts to deliver that power, also how much energy we can store and effectively put to use with the current technology." So what's the hold up? Two words: Tire technology. "It doesn't matter how much power you boast to have, if the tires fail to translate all that power to the ground then, really, it is just meaningless."

Bottom line is that Apollo is entirely open to that 1,000+ hp EV hypercar (or even hydrogen fuel cell) once the required technologies are available. Considering the rate in which Tesla, for example, has brought EV tech to the masses, Apollo, not bound by any sort of tradition like, say Ferrari or even Pagani and Koenigsegg (the latter two have been around for a combined 46 years), could wind up being the first to market with something new and different.

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