EXCLUSIVE: Aston Martin CEO Reveals DB11 Delivery Delay

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Apparently the DB11s coming off the line aren't up to snuff just yet.

CarBuzz has obtained an operations bulletin sent by Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer to the automaker's dealer principals, sales managers and sales specialists regarding a delivery delay of the all-new DB11. In the bulletin, dated November 17th, Palmer writes, "I appreciate that the delay in the supply of DB11s to your customers is frustrating and I apologise for any inconvenience. This delay is due to the quality control measures I have put into place for this car, which ensures that it meets the highest standards."

We reached out to a luxury car dealership contact and learned that they originally expected to have their DB11s "around now." The dealership already had its demo model come and go a few weeks back. We don't know what the delay is caused by, but judging by the bulletin it seems to concern the final fit and finish of the cars. "I can assure you that that we are focussed [sic] on your customer's satisfaction and are determined to deliver DB11 with a heavy focus on attention to detail and quality," Palmer stated. He also reiterated his commitment to personally inspect and sign off on the first 1,000 DB11s that leave the factory, saying that he "will not sign them off until I am happy that they are ready for customers."

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Delays are never a good thing, but at least this one is occurring during the delivery stage and not the production process. The DB11 is a huge car for Aston, and it needs to hit a home run on its first (1,000) swing(s). Andy Palmer seems to understand as much: "Launching a flawless car is my obsession. No car launch in the world ever goes perfectly but I have put in place many quality checks and processes that are designed to try to ensure that every customer receives a car to the highest quality possible." When reached for comment on the leaked bulletin, Matthew Clarke, general manager of marketing and communications for the automaker's North American operations, confirmed the delivery delay.

"We appreciate that the delay in the supply of DB11s is frustrating and we apologise for any inconvenience that is caused as a result. This delay is due to the quality control measures we have put into place, which ensure that it meets the highest of standards," Clarke told us. We asked if there was a solid delivery date or time frame and haven't received a response, but if we do we'll update this story with the new info. If you have any story tips please drop us a line at media@carbuzz.com. Update: Aston Martin let us know that while there was "nothing specific on timing" the start of customer deliveries "will be soon."


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