EXCLUSIVE: BMW M3 Owner Shows CarBuzz How He Saved His Ride From Hurricane Matthew

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This gearhead knew he'd need more than a car cover to protect his M3 from a hurricane.

Just yesterday we brought you the story of Instagram user "Jalilsup," the guy who parked his BMW E30 M3 inside his house to keep it safe from Hurricane Matthew. The photos of his M3 casually parked in his living room made us laugh but also reminded us just what true devotion to a car is. We wanted to learn more about how the whole "car in the house" idea came to be, so we reached out to Jalilsup, real name Randy Jalil, to find out how the hell he got his car into his living room.

Unfortunately we don't have video of the M3 driving into the house (that would have been awesome), but Jalil did share with us this clip of him backing the car out of his living room.

Jalil lives in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, which he says thankfully wasn't hard hit by the hurricane. Still, he didn't know that would be the case as Matthew was bearing down on him, and as such he decided to park all his cars indoors to save them from potential wind and flood damage. He garaged his two old BMWs, filling up his garage in the process, and then busted out his tape measure. After measuring the front doors Jalil learned he'd have plenty of space to drive his M3 straight into his living room. With the assistance of his friend Keith Pomeroy the BMW was brought inside to weather the storm. If this seems like a stunt only a crazy gearhead would pull that's because it is.

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Jalil is mad about his M3, telling us that he daily drives it so that he can enjoy it as much as possible. Cars should be driven, not hidden away under covers and kept as investments. Jalil agrees with us wholeheartedly. "This car is absolutely my pride and joy and I will own it for years to come. I currently daily drive the car and enjoy it as much as possible. Most people nowadays will keep them tucked away in their garage to keep the value up. Cars are meant to be driven and I will always live by that," he wrote. As for the car itself, Jalil says it's "mostly stock" and that people refer to it as OEM+. Stock or not, this thing looks great and was more than worthy of being parked indoors. We'd like to thank Randy Jalil for sharing his story and photos with us.

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