EXCLUSIVE: Clarkson's Social Network To Roll Out November 3rd

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Clarkson, Hammond and May are set for a very busy month.

With The Grand Tour dominating headlines it may have passed your attention that the ex-Top Gear trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May have been involved in another project. It goes by the name DriveTribe and is essentially a new car enthusiast website. It was recently announced that the new online car community would launch next month and now thanks to a high-profile tribe leader we now know the website will shift into first gear November 3rd.

The email sent to the leader just this week reads: "We'll start by inviting just our tribe leaders in from the 3rd of November, in selected groups, over a period of two weeks. Then, from the middle of November, pre-registered users will be given invitation-only access for our private pre-launch. Finally, the gates fly open for everyone at the end of November. We simply can't wait." By our calculations that means the website will be open to all at the very end of November. And we have a very good idea of when the exact date will be.

Amazon has said it is "absolutely fine" with Clarkson, Hammond and May working on both The Grand Tour and DriveTribe, and with the former to air its first episode on November 18, don't be surprised if the website launches on November 25 with an announcement made on episode two. Tribe leaders are going to be particularly busy in the lead up to the launch as the email specifically asks for them to "prepare 6 pieces or more of content to get your tribe started. Keep in mind you'll be able to tell your stories in many different ways: articles, videos, single images, photo galleries and more."

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The extent to which the trio will be involved in the website remains to be seen. They each have their own tribe: Clarkson's is called "Alfa Male," and then there's "Hammond's Fob Jockeys" and "James May's Carbolics." So at the bear minimum they'll create their own content and encourage members to do likewise. No doubt we'll also see them discussing the top tribes too as, let's face it, the main reason people are interested in joining the site is to get a little bit of Clarkson, Hammond and May love. Either way, all will be revealed next month. Do you have a tribe? Let us know in the comments.

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