EXCLUSIVE: First Footage Of A Self-Driving Kia In Action

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Looks like Kia's progressing rather well with its autonomous tech.

Not so long ago, we reported on some of Kia's intriguing predictions of what possibilities the future of motoring will bring, with the one we can foresee being the most likely being the "half of all cars by 2030 will be autonomous" assertion. Given the rate in which technologies advance, a 12-year deadline doesn't sound too unreasonable for such a prediction, especially when the current Kia autonomous prototypes are already at a promising stage.

Though this technically isn't our first exposure to autonomous Kias (a self-driving "Drive Wise" Kia Soul was first showcased at CES 2016), the clip below is the first time we've seen an autonomous Kia in operation in its native South Korea. And, as you can tell from the admittedly brief clip we have access to, all's looking pretty good at this stage.

Yes, pulling away from a standstill and maneuvering into a bay may not be the most exciting things to see a car doing, but we're nevertheless impressed with what's being displayed so far. In fact, the car park demonstration in particular piqued our interest quite a bit, considering how precise and prompt it was for technology that's still in the development phase and has a good way to go before being ready for application in a road car. If the systems are already this impressive at this early stage, then we can wholeheartedly understand why Kia predicts such a widespread adoption of autonomous technology in the coming years.

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