Exclusive Images Reveal Chevrolet Planning Something Special For The Corvette

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ZR1 or updated Z06? Either way, it's gonna be awesome!

Spotting possible prototypes of the upcoming ZR1 swansong to the C7 'Vette isn't anything new to us. Just last week, we published our first spy shots of the in-the-works Corvette range topper, along with speculation that Chevrolet could be ditching the supercharged small-block in favor of what's being mooted as a twin-turbo LT5 V8. Now, though, we've got an even more revealing batch of spy shots that suggest something rather special is coming from the Corvette camp.

At first glance, it does seem that this is pretty much the exact same vehicle we spied last week. The blue brake calipers that we feel as the best indicators yet that this is a ZR1 are present, and the pair of pedestals on the rear decklid have also been carried over. However, a closer look reveals some crucial new details that hint at a far more extreme fate for the production car this prototype will eventually spawn. Those struts at the back are far taller this time around and look suspisciously like they form part of an aero kit that's far more extensive than the add-ons available on the Z06's Z07 package. In fact, our spy photographers claim the weird rectangular item seen through the rear window is indeed the rear spoiler those pedestals will prop up.

Likewise, the camouflaged front end also just about hides the new additions on this test car that weren't present on the vehicle in last week's snaps. A more prominent power bulge in the hood can be seen, and the front fenders now feature air vents located just ahead of the door shutline. Such features are, of course, nothing new to performance cars, but the twin-turbocharged LT5 engine rumors mean we'd like to think these new additions are in place to accommodate the new turbo motor and expel all the heat such a powerplant will generate. Sounds like we'll need to provide out spy photographers with a video camera in order to find out once and for all just what kind of engine Chevrolet's got in these development mules.

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