EXCLUSIVE: Inferno Hypercar Set To Enter Production With Over 1,400 HP


It's called the Exotic Car and it's ready to unleash hell.

When the Inferno ‘Exotic Car’ burst onto the scene at the end of last year, its veracity was questioned by certain corners of the industry. Not without reason, as many a boutique automaker has fallen by the wayside without ever bringing a car to market. Whether it was the Inferno’s Dante-inspired ‘metal foam’ body or wild performance claims, something about the Mexican hypercar got our attention. So we sat down with the Inferno’s creators to glean some more details, chief among them, when the car would be entering production.

This, according to marketing director, Manuel Llaguno, will take place in the next couple of months with all cars to be built in Italy. Eight of the eleven first edition models have been accounted for, with pricing to be determined but currently estimated at 1.9 million Euros (just over $2.1 million) a pop. No less than 1,400 horsepower and 1,125 lb-ft of torque is generated from the Inferno’s twin-turbo V8 built “by a very important manufacturer” that will be announced once production of the car begins. Chassis components have also been sourced from world-renowned brands, but details must remain under wraps for now. 0-60 mph will happen in less than 2.7 seconds and top speed is rated at over 245 mph.

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The engine will also be visually attractive. “We want a big impact, something that can translate our car’s design.” Antonio Ferraioli is the senior automotive designer on the project and, with a background designing and engineering internal and external components for a range of exotic cars including the Lamborghini Veneno, Reventon Roadster and Asterion, helps lend some weight to the car’s respectability. While Antonio Ferriolli helped on the design’s functionality, the actual design was penned by CEO Alvaro Gutierrez Ochoa and Mexican design house Dozerek with the aim of creating “the bad boy of the hypercar world” using overtly aggressive and exaggerated lines inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

Perhaps “the supercar from hell” would be a more fitting tagline. That said, it’s the work done on keeping occupants firmly here on Earth that differentiates the Inferno from its hypercar brethren. “Safety will be one of our strengths,” insists Gutierrez. “The Inferno is comparable to a level 4 armored vehicle, but at less than 1,200 kg, is a fraction of the weight.” The exclusive zinc-aluminum-silver alloy absorbs impacts by stretching up to 100 times its original size without losing its properties. Better still, body parts involved in a collision can be reused and will also be guaranteed, helping entry into the incredibly costly hypercar market.

Gutierrez has built up a team of engineering and business experts to get the ‘Exotic Car’ on the road, but plans for further models are already being drawn up. For now though, we’ll be waiting patiently for the call to test drive the company's maiden entry into the top echelons of the car making world. "You'll be surprised by what we will accomplish." Let's hope we are.

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