EXCLUSIVE: New BMW Z5/Toyota Supra Interior Spied

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Will it really be as cramped as this?

Unless you're a huge fan of the BMW Z3 that James Bond drove in Goldeneye, chances are you find BMW's line of Z cars fairly uninteresting. It's strange too because roadsters are usually the very definition of the enthusiast's wet dream, and for a brand that's made some of the most popular gearhead picks, it's hard to put a thumb on why the current BMW Z4 is such a bore. However, news of the upcoming Z, expected to adopt the Z5 name, has left fans anxiously waiting to see what's behind the iron curtain of camouflage.

That's because instead of being relegated to the parking spot of the resident surgeon at your local hospital, the Z5 will also donate its chassis to Toyota so that the Supra moniker can make a full-blown revival. Toyota made a wise choice too because if anyone knows how to set up an organic and telepathic feeling chassis, it's BMW. While the BMW's body bears little resemblance to the FT-1 Concept we saw back at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, it's design is certainly a step forward over the Z4. From what we can see under the camouflage, it will bear a less curvaceous body than the car it replaces and from a distance, could be confused for a Mazda MX-5 Miata or Fiat 124.

On the other hand, the Toyota Supra test mule has the curves that we've been looking for, but while it wears different exterior body panels than the BMW, it's interior architecture may be similar. That's why we're happy to peep a glimpse of the interior to get our imaginations jogging in anticipation for the Supra (sorry BMW). While many of the interior components are covered up, we can see a large screen-like object protruding from the dashboard. Its size only seems to be exacerbated by the cramped interior, but that's to be expected in the small roadster. All we can hope for is that the Supra's interior gets a larger piece of real estate with help of a solid roof.

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