EXCLUSIVE: Reborn McLaren F1 Confirmed For Production


Just 106 units will be built, with deliveries to begin in 2019.

Soon after news of the reborn McLaren F1 broke in the summer, the British supercar maker was inundated with requests for it to be made. According to one of the McLaren’s top clients whom we spoke with today, the decision to go ahead with the project has been made and will be announced to the public imminently. Like the F1, just 106 units are slated for production. Three times that many people contacted McLaren when rumors of the car began circling, ready to put down whatever deposit necessary, so greenlighting the project was a no-brainer.

Last week, our source received a letter from McLaren CEO, Mike Flewitt, confirming certain details of the car. Referred to internally as the hyper-GT, the concept of the reborn F1 is just that: a grand-touring hypercar. A hybrid powerplant, making it one of the most powerful McLaren’s ever built, will sit inside a streamlined, shrink-wrapped body, exquisitely design and built for long journeys, with a three-seat layout and dihedral doors. Previous reports suggested the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 would be bored out to near four liters without any electrical assistance, but McLaren has opted for a hybrid set up that will be tuned for refinement.

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There will be no Spyder or track versions, and the first deliveries will be made in 2019. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) will be tasked with building the cars, while buyers will be given a vast array of finishes and materials to choose from when personalizing the car. Look out for an official announcement this week.