EXCLUSIVE: Techrules GT Supercar Will Look Even Better When It Bows At Geneva 2017

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Seems another ace design from Giorgetto Giugaro's on the cards.

We're well aware of the phrase regarding the subjectivity of beauty, but it's probably safe to say a lot of the world's gearheads are pretty satisfied with the styling of the two Techrules concept cars that were revealed earlier this year. For those of you who aren't totally on board with the styling direction, though, we're very pleased to report that Techrules has plans to make the road-going GT96 that's due to be unveiled next year far prettier than the design study that preceded it.

Speaking with Techrules, Eric Geers, the concept cars were primarily in place to showcase the turbine powertrain it had been developing "for a number of years" - which makes it even more of a surprise that the company decided to shroud it in supercar coachwork. Instead, the plan is to create "an even more attractive and unique" exterior for the customer-spec GT96. Better still, Techrules has brought on board to realize this ambition none other than Giorgetto Giugaro. Yes, that's right: the same man who penned the shapes of the BMW M1, the DeTomaso Mangusta, the Iso Grifo, the Lotus Esprit and the Maserati Bora (to name but a few) is designing the new Techrules. Needless to say, we have very high expectations.

Having Giugaro design the exterior of the new GT96 was already interesting enough, but the fact he and his son will also be styling the interior gives us even more reason to eagerly anticipate this new turbine-powered supercar. Better still, as the finished design set to be showcased for the very first time at next year's Geneva Motor Show (with development cars set to start romping around Italy between now and then), it means we've only got to wait another five months at the most until we see what both Giugaros have come up with. Hopefully the end result is as awesome as we anticipate it to be.

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