EXCLUSIVE: The Fisker EMotion Will Cost Just Over $100,000

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And come with a 400-mile range.

When we sat down with Henrik Fisker at the Auto Shanghai last week, we expected the Danish car designer to want to discuss the VLF Force 1 Roadster, the latest creation from VLF Automotive that made its global debut at the China car expo. But given the auto show was dominated by electric cars, Fisker felt it was more fitting to discuss the EMotion. Or "the real EMotion" as he put it and not the concept revealed by MG that shares the same name.

"We were surprised MG didn't research the name better. It's our name, we've trademarked it. But as long as MG doesn't plan to put the concept into production, I don't really care." Fisker revealed that the production-ready EMotion will be shown at a private event in August and that 1,000 orders have already been taken for the stylish all-electric sedan. Where the VLF Force 1 is based on the Viper and the Destino uses the Karma's body, the Fisker EMotion is a brand-new car built from the ground up. Using a lightweight, carbon-fiber and aluminum platform, Fisker told us that "the car will be 20 percent lighter than similar sized cars on the market."

Having employed its very own chemical scientist to work on a battery with truly disruptive technology, Fisker was palpably excited when sharing the news that the EMotion would have a 700-kilometer range. "And that's when driving it in normal, everyday, conditions," Fisker assured us. The biggest challenge EVs are facing is that potential buyers living in big cities, like London, Paris, or Milan, park their cars on the street. Where they can't charge them. With a 300-km range that means having to find a charging station every week. With the EMotion, owners will only have to worry about charging the car once a month."

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Boasting the rear legroom of a BMW 7 Series, Fisker has worked extremely hard on creating a spacious interior with cutting-edge technology. "I have the smartest UX Design guy in the world working on the EMotion's UX. I can't tell you his name, but he recently sold his UX company to Microsoft for a lot of money. Our system employs One Touch Gradient Learning and will be the most intuitive, advanced system ever seen on a road car." You'd think with all this investment in tech, that Fisker wouldn't be too concerned with styling. But that couldn't be further from the truth. "When it comes to EVs, people are more concerned with style. Not less."

From the images we've seen so far, the EMotion has that covered too. "An EV must look good and be truly connected. "We've priced the EMotion at just over $100,000. It will be a low-volume car and appeal to buyers in their thirties and above. A lower cost, high-production car is currently in the development stage, but we're focused on the EMotion and are looking forward to revealing the production model in the summer."


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