EXCLUSIVE: This Is The New Hummer Logo

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A US trademark filing has exposed the GMC Hummer EV's futuristic new logo.

Thanks to a trademark filing from General Motors, we are getting our first look at the brand new logo for the company's forthcoming pure-electric GMC Hummer truck. You can see it below, in all its glory.

The new logo has quite a bit more going on that the Hummer logo of yesteryear, from back when "Hummer" was GM's brand of gargantuan gas-guzzling SUVs. That logo, also rendered entirely in capital letters, used a simple typeface for simpler times. By contrast, the new logo has all sorts of angled cuts and hard edges. There's not a curve to be found, and overall, it feels substantially more futuristic - which makes it perfect for the sci-fi truck of tomorrow.

2023 GMC Hummer logo GM via USPTO
2023 GMC Hummer Grille GMC
Original Hummer logo GM

GM filed to trademark the new logo in the US back on February 4th of this year, shortly after the company ran an ad teasing the pure-electric off-roader at the end of January. The logo shown in that teaser appears to match this trademark drawing perfectly.

The teaser showed us something else that's equally central to GM's Hummer branding: a concept for the future EV's "grille". Battery-electric vehicles don't generally need grilles, seeing as they don't rely on big, traditional radiators up front, but the Hummer's iconic seven-slot grille is a key part of its overall image. On the EV, it appears GM will approximate the same look with seven thin vertical slots between bezels that span the width between the headlamps.

Front Angle View Hummer
Side View Hummer

Of course, what we still have yet to see is what the rest of the truck will look like. The GMC Hummer EV will be available as both a pickup truck and an SUV, much like the Hummer H2 and H3 models from earlier in the century, but apart from the front fascia, GM has not divulged what either vehicle will look like.

GM has suggested it would unveil the pickup truck model, at least, on May 20th, but with the COVID-19 outbreak prompting so many delays in both vehicle programs and unveiling events, that date may be pushed back some.

Rear Angle View Hummer
Front Angle View Hummer

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2023 GMC Hummer Grille
2023 GMC Hummer logo
Original Hummer logo

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