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EXCLUSIVE: We Drive The One-Off Ferrari SP275 RW Competizione

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Thanks to one very generous owner.

When you get asked to attend an ultra-exclusive, invite-only car event in Florida (a top-secret Cars and Coffee if you will) you put down the phone, turn off the computer and go. And boy were we glad we did. The fun started almost immediately as before we could leave, our friend, and invitor, needed help bringing some of his cars to the show, including a Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu and the one-off Ferrari SP 275 RW Competizione. Yes, his car collection is THAT good.

We were tasked with bringing a 1967 Chevy Camaro to the private gathering of stunning sheetmetal, and thus began what was to turn out to be one hell of a spectacular day. Our friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, has a car collection you can only dream about. Think Ferrari 288 GTO, F40, F50, and Enzo, along with several vintage Prancing Horses including a 1960 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione. He also has a 1982 Corvette Collector's Edition with only 19 original miles and the plastic covers still on the seats. We could have spent all day admiring some of the amazing models on display, but it was time to go the event and enjoy some more amazing cars.

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The pristine Florida lawn was soon littered with Ford GTs, McLarens, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Rolls Royces, and a Derelict Oldsmobile built by Icon in California. There was even a classic Jaguar XKE which sat beautifully next to a vintage Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider. After spending time surrounded by such magnificent machines and having a blast in an Audi RS7, the event soon drew to a close and only the Bugatti and Ferrari remained on display. You may remember the SP275 as the one-off Ferrari model that was recently revealed in Daytona at a special Ferrari event. The car is part of a special one-off program from Ferrari where owners can choose an existing chassis to build a one-off creation.

The SP275 is based on the F12 TDF and packs a 6.3-liter V12 producing 769 hp at 8,500 rpm. The car does 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds and features unique styling that pays homage to the 1965 275 GTB Berlinetta Speciale, of which only three were made. The SP275 has unique headlights, side louvers and a "pinched" waist that are all exclusive to the car. It also has a unique blue carbon interior. The owner insisted on taking the Veyron as it's basically a "rolling blind spot," leaving the one-of-a-kind, priceless Ferrari for us to take care of. No pressure then. After putting the car into gear, we received some comforting words of wisdom that if we wrecked the car, we would be destroying the only example in existence.

As we left, security told the driver of the Bugatti they'd be closing their eyes and that we had a "free pass." The Veyron duly sped away, and we did our best to impress onlookers as we left the show without being too crazy. In fact, we put it into sport mode, after the owner had left it in the race mode setting. Even at this mild setting, we knew we were dealing with a seriously fast car that, if used to its full potential, could easily bankrupt us for all eternity. So, what was the SP275 like to drive? Well, seeing as the car is based on the F12 TDF, one of the fastest cars Ferrari has ever produced, we were expecting perfection and we pretty much found it.

With 769 hp on tap, there is no circumstance where the car isn't always instantly ready to respond with spine-shattering quickness. We have never been in a car that has such an instant response to throttle inputs, reaching ballistic speeds with the twitch of the foot. The dual-clutch transmission is one of the best we have ever sampled, and it can even put Porsche's PDK to shame. We didn't get the glorious V12 up to its 8,500 rpm redline, but trust us, this car sounds amazing at any speed and the driving experience is pure perfection. Steering was heavier than most Ferraris, but had amazing feel and the car was very simple to pilot. Hopefully we'll get the chance to stretch its legs a bit more in the not so distant future.