Exclusive: Zenvo Founder Quits Hypercar Maker To Join Lykan

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Could this spell the end for Zenvo?

When the trailer for Fast & Furious 7 first aired, the bright red hypercar crashing through the window of a 100-floor skyscraper was frequently mistaken for a Zenvo. Car nuts like yourselves were quick to inform the Internet (Idiots!) that in fact it was a Lykan HyperSport and W Motors' first supercar was soon thrust into the spotlight. The Fenyr SuperSport has since been unveiled and other models are in the pipeline, including the world's fastest SUV.

If some quarters of the car world doubt the Dubai-based carmaker's ability to grow into a serious enterprise, the following rumor might give them pause for thought. According to a source "personally familiar with the situation," Zenvo Automotive's co-founder and CTO, Troels Vollertsen, has been offered a senior position at W Motors, and while this has yet to be officially confirmed, he is expected to leave the Danish hypercar maker to take up the post. Despite slow sales, Zenvo has kept its limited lineup fresh, revealing a pair of 1,000-horsepower hypercars at the Geneva Motor Show last month in the form of the TS1 – an updated variant of the ST1 – and the TSR pure track car.

However, Zenvo struggles to sell more than two cars per year, and with the founder set to jump ship we can't help fearing the worst for the Danish firm. Given there are only a handful of hypercar makers in the world, finding executives familiar with creating million-dollar cars can't be easy. Vollersten brings with him a wealth of experience and technical nous, including developing the fastest-shifting transmission in the world, and the appointment is certain to give W Motors the shot of credibility it so desperately craves.

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