Exige Gets Even More Power

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Leave it to Lotus to find a way to make the Exige coupe even more powerful. Lotus founder Colin Chapman's philosophy was to "simplify, then add lightness", which is exactly what the engineers at Lotus have done. By taking the already insanely fast Lotus Elise, engineers added a hard top to make it even more rigid. Jump ahead a few years and now we have the Exige S 260, which has the same engine as the standard model, but with increased horsepower up to 257.


Engineers also added a lot of carbon fiber pieces to the engine cover, rear wing, front splitter, roof and side ducts. Special lightweight sport seats also replaced the existing ones. Total weight: just over 2,000 lbs. Fuel economy is also decent with 20/26 city/highway. The Exige is literally in a class all its own and the spirit of real racing is alive with it.

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