Expect Jeep To Install Convertible Tops Onto 2018 Scrambler Pickup


Chevy can stop selling the Colorado and Ford may as well cancel the Ranger. This is the truck that's going to sell.

It was in the cards but not a confirmed fact that Jeep would be making the upcoming Wrangler pickup, expected to be called the Scrambler, a roofless truck. We found that out when a leak uncovered three roof options for the new JL Wrangler, which will share its bones with the Wrangler truck dubbed the JT. These are a black 3-piece hardtop roof, the same 3-piece hardtop but painted to match the body, and a Sunrider soft top option.

If that leak alone wasn't enough proof, a source has now told Automotive News that the Jeep pickup would come with an optional soft top that could be removed or lowered, effectively making the truck a convertible. As if a Wrangler-based Scrambler wasn't unique enough to differentiate itself from the competition, the convertible roof should do the trick, especially if its top can be lowered automatically. The move to market the Jeep Scrambler as a back to basics mid-size truck that caters to those who want utility and rugged looks, which are notably downplayed in competitors like the Chevy Colorado, should prove to be successful for Jeep.

Jeep's first round of Wrangler JL images surfaced showing a red two-door with its roof, door, and windshield removed, and we can be almost certain that the Scrambler will feature similar abilities. Not like the Scrambler will be a toy that doesn't supply function to go with its looks, though. The same leak that detailed roof options went into depth on the Scrambler's chassis, telling us that the JT pickup will feature a longer frame than the JL Wrangler. That suggests that Jeep wants to cram a functional bed (rather than a small bed that exists for the aesthetics) and a crew cab body onto the Scrambler for maximum utility and in turn, better sales. We should know more when Jeep unveils the JL Wrangler at next week's 2017 LA Auto Show.


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