"Expect Something Surprising": AMG Boss Planning A Hotter AMG GT

If it is "not the Black Series," what is it?

Afterblowing the world away with the introduction of the Mercedes-AMG GT and GT Searlier this year, it was clear that the company would only take some time toup its game and introduce an even hotter, more performance-oriented version ofthe car. Most bets were on a Black Series, which would follow what we've cometo expect from the company's performance car naming culture. But speaking atthe Frankfurt Motor Show the other day, head of AMG, Tobias Moers, had somesurprising, and exciting news to announce.

According to Moers, the company has been working on adding members tothe AMG GT family, and a new performance model with major improvements is onthe way. "It’s not the Black Series. Expect something surprising. The carwill have outstanding performance. We’ve made some effort with the powertrain,aero, weight… everything regarding performance." When asked why it wouldnot receive that name, Moers replied, "Maybe there is a CEO at AMG whobelieves there is another chance to have a Black Series above that." Healso stated that the company is open to the idea of an AMG GT convertible, butrefused to comment on the matter.

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