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Expect The C8 Corvette ZR1 To Look Almost Exactly Like This

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Good things are about to happen.

We know what's going to happen exactly one month from now, the debut of the all-new, mid-engined C8 Corvette. No doubt it'll be a cause for celebration and we'll be on hand for the official reveal with pics and details galore. Stay tuned for that. Until then, the internet continues to be a place full of rumors and renderings, these latest images are sheer proof.

Thanks to the folks at Corvette Forum, we're able to get an excellent idea what the eventual C8 ZR1 (or perhaps Zora?) will look like. These renderings are obviously based on existing spy shots of the standard C8 as well as the photos Chevrolet has already released, but there are now tons of aerodynamic upgrades. Generally speaking, a lot of the added body kit is quite similar to the current C7 ZR1.

Let's start up front. Notice that the front end shown here features a chin spoiler that extends much closer to the ground than the current ZR1. This would increase downforce for an even more intense track experience. The rendering artist also enlarged the grille with more prominent openings – essential for engine cooling. Also, take note of the induction-style bulge on the hood that'd help with improved airflow.

Moving on to the sides, there are enlarged air intakes, a must-have for any high-performance mid-engined supercar. To improve engine cooling further and shove hot air out, the artist added a set of ducts directly above the rear wheels. The side skirts are also much lower and the carbon ceramic brakes are wrapped in 6-piston Brembo calipers up front and 4-piston units at the rear. A lowered ride is also a very likely possibility due to various suspension enhancements.

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Out back is, of course, a massive wing, only this one is adjustable unlike the unit used for the C7 ZR1. The lower fascia would also be unique with its larger openings for bigger exhaust tips and a diffuser.

Generally speaking, the C8 ZR1/Zora's exterior will bear a strong resemblance to a GT race car, minus the graphics. And yes, it'll be road legal. Think what Porsche has done to the 911 GT3 RS and GT2 RS. Sources claim Chevy is intent on delivering the best performing American supercar ever. We have no doubt they'll succeed.