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Expect The Next BMW X6 To Look Something Like This

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Now that the new X5 is here, the next X6 must be just around the corner.

BMW has just introduced a new X5 – the fourth generation of its first crossover, or "Sports Activity Vehicle," in Bimmer-speak. Which is important enough all on its own, but it also foreshadows the arrival of another. We're referring, of course, to the X6. The slantback crossover is based closely on the X5, so the arrival of the latter ought to closely be followed by the relaunch of the former as well. And while we haven't seen exactly what it will look like, a handful of renderings give us a pretty good idea.

Bavarian Motor Works first launched the X6 in 2006 alongside the second-generation E70-model X5 on which it was based. It set off a whole trend of slant-back crossover "coupes" – with four doors (five if you count the tailgate) and a sloping roofline. It's a formula that's since been replicated by Mercedes with its GLC and GLE coupes, Acura with its now-defunct ZDX (based on the MDX), and now Audi with its new Q8. And you can bet there'll be more. The recipe is just too tempting for automakers, who can slap some new bodywork on an existing model, broaden its appeal, and charge a little extra for it in the process. But in the meantime, you can bet there'll be a new X6 to come from Munich. And you can bet it'll look something like these renderings.

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Brought to us by the speculative artists at All Car News (on Instagram) and Nikita Aksyonov (on Behance), these renderings are clearly based closely on the new X5, but with the altered roofline that has characterized two generations of X6 – and the one to come. We'd expect it to borrow most of its parameters from its more conventionally topped counterpart, but sacrifice a bit of utility for some added swagger (and a bit more money). Given the close launch dates of both versions of each to date, we don't expect it will be long – months maybe, not years – before BMW lifts the veil off the third-gen X6, which will likely be classified internally as the G06.