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Expect The Porsche Taycan To Look Exactly Like This

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We may not have to wait till September for the world debut after all.

The Taycan is one of the most significant models ever to be developed by Porsche in its 70-plus year history and because of that, it's been getting more attention as we near its official reveal date, which is scheduled for September.

Over 20,000 people have already placed orders for the upcoming four-door EV without knowing what the production version will look like, and the web has rushed in to help them by inundating fan sites with renderings of what the Taycan could look like.

Even Porsche has released a few sketches and teaser images of their own, and a member on the taycanevforum has just posted a set of images of the Taycan that at first glance look like a totally undisguised vehicle caught on camera.

They are in fact artfully manipulated images that remove the fake head and taillights seen on pre-production models and replace them with what seems to be a rather good approximation of what the production model will be fitted with.

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In truth, without the glossy computer-generated images usually associated with most renders, this imaginary Taycan looks a bit more ordinary than we were expecting. It is quite far removed from the original Mission E Concept, and perhaps the use of conventional-looking door handles and the oddly-shaped rear end on this render are the reason why.

Still, this is only a render and Porsche cannot take too many risks with a model that is destined for volume production and subject to scrutiny from owners and the media. One thing is certain; given the interest surrounding this model, we are almost guaranteed to see leaked images of a production-ready Taycan well before its September debut.