Expect to See a Dodge SRT Viper Convertible in 2015

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Convertible? Check. Supercharged V10? We're still waiting.

You'd think that Chrysler product planners would have done this sooner, but for whatever reason(s) they simply haven't. The redesigned Dodge SRT Viper launched back in 2012 at the New York Auto Show, and since then it's had a few small updates. Examples include the recent announcement of a 5 horsepower boost, new GT trim package, and a couple of new exterior paint colors. That's all fine and good but many enthusiasts are still clamoring for a convertible variant.

Or, even better, a supercharged V10 that'll blow the socks off the new Hellcat V8. Well, we can now confirm that at least the convertible is on the way. According to a new report from Automotive News, Dodge will launch an SRT Viper convertible in 2015. At that time there's also a plan to increase the aging V10's horsepower and torque ratings even further. No specifics were given as to how engineers plan to achieve the additional power. As far as the convertible goes, it's fair to assume Dodge will stick with a soft top rather than a retractable hardtop in order to conserve weight. More specific details are likely in the coming months.

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