Exploring America's National Parks Is A Lot Easier Thanks To Latest Google Maps Update

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Park maps will soon be available to download, allowing you to adventure without fear of losing cell signal.

If you're the sort of person that spends their free time exploring the national parks of America, you'll be delighted to know that Google has updated its Maps service to make adventuring a lot easier and more convenient.

Available from April, users can download offline maps for national parks nationwide. By pressing the 'download' button on the Google Maps listing, you can use the map later. This would come in handy as a failsafe, especially as strong cell coverage isn't guaranteed when venturing out in nature.

Now, you can make your way around the park without internet access, ensuring you won't have to sleep in your Wrangler if you get lost.

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Nature lovers will also come to appreciate the improved directions. Once you've chosen the sights you want to see and trails you want to explore, Google claims that Maps will provide even more precise directions, along with highlighted park entrances on the map.

Trails are also easier to find, with Google Maps now capable of highlighting the route on the map. This lets you see the start and finish of the route, along with photos from other users. Google does not mention whether this is only for walking trails, but it would also come in handy for off-roading routes.

As a reminder, off-roading is not allowed in many national parks, but some cater to those who love overlanding. Even then, it is highly regulated, with rules to adhere to.


Google is constantly updating its Maps service to make the lives of motorists easier. In November, it added a new filter that allows EV drivers to find fast-charging stations with ease. Drivers of traditional combustion-engined vehicles also benefit from recent changes; users can now choose routes based on efficiency, with the app able to determine which route will be best to save fuel.

The latest advancement may be aimed at cyclists or hikers, but drivers can surely benefit from these new updates, especially those who explore America's most incredible national parks regularly. It would be interesting to see if it works on off-roading trails, highlighting the map and potential problems for those who prefer to travel on four wheels.


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2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Front-End View
Frontal Aspect
2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Front Angle View
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