Exploring Russia's Great Frontier with Land Rovers


Some of the last real wilderness left in the world.

There aren't a whole lot of big, empty expanses of uninhabited wilderness left anywhere in the world. Those that remain are usually left largely uninhabited because of an inhospitable environment, and one such place is Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. Known mostly as a place of some strategic importance in Risk, Kamchatka is covered in snow for all but a few months out of the year. But we have managed to get a hold of some pictures taken by a group on a trip during one of the few warm-ish months.

It should come as no great surprise that group chose Land Rovers to handle the snow, streams and huge quantity of dust encountered on the trip. The destination for this journey was Opalinskiye, a hot springs on the peninsula. One of many, in fact, as Kamchatka has a lot of both these and volcanoes. In a pinch, we're sure an Alaskan road trip would work as a substitute for us Americans, but all in all, the photos here have made us very jealous.

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