EXPOSED: Insane LaFerrari Driver Was Prince Of Qatar?

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The plot thickens again.

Over the past week we've been covering the ever-evolving story of a certain LaFerrari driver who was caught on video driving like a maniac through a neighborhood in Beverly Hills. Since we broke the original story, there have been several updates, with each newly uncovered detail becoming increasingly bizarre. Not only did the driver reportedly threaten the camera man who filmed him by telling him "I could have you killed and get away with it", but he also invoked diplomatic immunity and then fled the country with his cars.

Now it is being reported that the identity of that driver may have been uncovered and that rumors of a connection with Qatari royalty have been confirmed. Police have linked the LaFerrari in question to Sheikh Khalid Hamad Al-Thani, a member of Qatar's ruling family. Al-Thani is known as the "patron sheikh" of drag racing in Qatar and has sponsored the Gulf State's Al-Anabi Racing with millions of dollars in funding. Although the Prince has been identified in connection with the vehicles, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be prosecuted in this case.

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