Exposed! Jaguar's Secret Supercar Project

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It's doubtful we were supposed to see these patent images.

It's been nearly five years since Jaguar determined its C-X75 supercar concept was not financially justified to build. Halo models are done when an automaker has a healthy bank account and a long-term outlook. Jaguar Land Rover experienced several financial issues even prior to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and it's still working to resolve those problems. However, it appears the dream to build a new supercar (or a successor to the aging Jaguar F-Type) has not gone away. Perhaps JLR simply decided to put those plans on hold.

Thanks to a member of the 7th Mustang Forum, a set of patent images have been uncovered for what appears to be a physical version of the Vision Gran Turismo virtual race car. What's particularly interesting is that the patent was first filed exactly one year ago with the European Intellectual Property Office. Last March, it was filed in China as well.

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Jaguar is clearly planning something but, as we've learned with the C-X75, plans do change. It's not a given that these patent images will ultimately result in a production vehicle, but it's still good to see Jaguar is, at the very least, exploring the idea.

Looking more closely at these images and we can see that the unnamed vehicle's styling blends the C-X75 and the iconic XJ220. The wheel design looks quite radical with zero space between the tires and wheel wells. Ground clearance, or lack thereof, is also an issue. In other words, we could be looking at a new concept rather than a production vehicle.

7thmustang 7thmustang

It's also worth noting that earlier this year JLR registered to trademark the nameplate 'EV-Type' with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). How is this relevant to these patent images? Because the vehicle in question is clearly a battery-electric. There's no traditional front radiator or rear exhaust pipes, nor any side air vents for what's clearly a mid-engined vehicle. Instead of a combustion engine, we'd probably find an electric motor or two. The generously sized wheelbase also appears ideally suited for a floor-mounted battery pack.

We'll hopefully know in the coming months whether or not Jaguar intends to turn these patent images into an actual concept vehicle. If so, let's hope it'll further pave the way for a new road-going all-electric supercar.

7thmustang 7thmustang 7thmustang
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