Exquisite BMW 507 Roadster Selling For Over $2.3 Million

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This is one of just 217 Series II examples ever made.

Don't you sometimes wish you could go back in time? If it were possible, today's BMW Z4 would eventually be replaced by the Chris Bangle-designed version, and that would make way for the gorgeous BMW Z8. The Z8 would ultimately inspire by what is arguably BMW's most elegant and beautiful car ever, namely the 507.

The 507 was manufactured between 1956 and 1959, and according to BMW's own count, just 251 were made. Of these, 217 were Series II examples, but whichever version you got, most came with a convertible soft top, with an optional detachable hardtop reportedly made available for just 11 cars. The example you see below is one of these highly rare beauties, and it commands a correspondingly exorbitant asking price.

Mike Maez/Gooding & Company Mike Maez/Gooding & Company

Offered for sale by Gooding & Company is chassis 70110. This example was delivered new to Venezuela with a Silbergrau (Silver Grey) exterior contrasted by a Japan Red interior. All versions of the 507 are stunning, but this one is particularly noteworthy as it is offered with a BMW Classic Zertifikat, which confirms that production was completed on January 14, 1958, with the hardtop and exhaust tips included from the factory. According to the listing, just 21 models were finished in Silbergrau, making it the second most popular color after Feather White. When complete, the car you see here was displayed at the BMW Pavilion in Munich.

Mike Maez/Gooding & Company Mike Maez/Gooding & Company Mike Maez/Gooding & Company Mike Maez/Gooding & Company

In May 1958, the car was shipped to Caracas, making it one of only 13 BMW 507s delivered new to Venezuela. According to the BMW Classic Car Club of America, the car didn't live there long as it returned to Germany around 1960 where it would remain for the next five decades. Following the custody of a few owners, the car was restored between 2006 and 2008 with BMW Classic completing a full mechanical overhaul. In May of 2014, the car returned there for an extensive inspection and factory expertise report, which includes original build data and specifications, details on condition and component authenticity, and more.

Mike Maez/Gooding & Company Mike Maez/Gooding & Company

According to the BMW Classic Expertise book, this example has its original chassis, suspension, braking system, and bodywork, with the engine and gearbox "original-type replacement components." Additionally, it scored 900 out of 1,000 points for its final originality evaluation, making it a Category 1 car, the highest rating you can get. Its overall condition grade is rated at 1.6, which is between good and immaculate condition. It's been owned by Americans for the past five years and has only been displayed at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering once, in August 2016.

As one of the finest examples of the 507 ever, the asking price is not low. Sold privately, this car is listed at $2,350,000. If only you could go back to the late Fifties, when a 507 started at around $10,000. Adjusted for inflation, you'd still pay below six figures for one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

Mike Maez/Gooding & Company

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