Extraordinary Reflexes Saved This Racer From A Nightmarish Nurburgring Crash

Look at the flick of the wrist!

Crashes happen all the time at the Nurburgring. As such it only makes sense that near misses would also be a constant. We saw one recently, with a Porsche driver pulling his car out of harm's way. This time it’s a BMW that’s milliseconds away from being lit up by another BMW, in this case an M235i. The guy behind the wheel makes a slight adjustment to avoid his fellow Bimmer, which ended up speeding right off the track. Seriously, calls don’t get much closer than this.

The video is short and the action comes in a flash so make sure not to blink. We’re glad the Nurburgring decided to do away with its speed limits but videos like these prove that regardless of any safety features drivers will always be the most dangerous part of the track.

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