Extreme 2,700-HP Nissan GT-R Maxes Out Dyno With Horrifying Run

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Wonder what launch control is like on this…

There are a few merits to having a car out as long as the Nissan GT-R has been out. One is that, for a car that's supposed to supersede the Skyline, it had to fill both a performance gap as well as the wake left by a tuning culture icon, and with a decade on the road, garage engineers have had plenty of time refining the boosting process to get the most out of the GT-R. With the original GT-R models being priced where more casual enthusiasts and broke hardcore tuners could afford them, Nissan's supercar quickly gained notoriety at the drag strip.

In all likelihood, the car you saw was not what you got, and many pink slips forgone to these GT-R owners are there to prove it. This particular GT-R is no exception. Chunky drag tires, a custom hood up front, decals on the sides, and a parachute on the back are hints that a competitor would be remiss if they didn't suspect that this GT-R was making massive amounts of power.

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However, they'd be forgiven for being surprised to learn that this car holds enough grunt in its reserves to outwit a dyno because from the outside, it doesn't look quite that mean. When Extreme Turbo Systems (an apt name given how horrifying this Nissan is) attempts to test the car, it maxes out the dyno, making the digital screen near the Nissan blink and shudder as if a demon had entered the room and telling observers that horsepower output lies somewhere north of 2,500 ponies. Thanks to the video description, we know that it's actually 2,700 horsepower making it to the rear wheels, it's just too bad this dyno can't prove it.

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