Extreme Bugatti Bolide Is Already Sold Out

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And that's not all that happened for Bugatti in 2021.

This past year was a major one for Bugatti. In July, Bugatti and Rimac announced the formation of Bugatti Rimac LLC, a groundbreaking new hypercar company that'll focus heavily on electrification-related technologies. Bugatti and Rimac will continue to operate as separate brands and retain their existing production facilities in France and Croatia, respectively. Make no mistake about it: full-scale electrification is coming to Bugatti.

Before that happens, sales of its existing lineup have never been better. In a recap of its 2021 performance, Bugatti confirmed a number of impressive accomplishments. Among them, all remaining examples of the Chiron have sold out, which was not surprising given orders have been rolling in for years. But another model, the extreme Bugatti Bolide, has also been announced as completely sold out, with all 40 production units selling within two months of its original production announcement. Customer deliveries of the Divo were also completed.

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The list of accomplishments in 2021 was massive. A total of 150 customers personalized and placed an order for a new Bugatti, 60 percent of whom are new to the brand. Global deliveries of the first Chiron Super Sport 300+ and the one-off La Voiture Noire also took place. Four new showrooms opened their doors last year in Tokyo, Singapore, Riyadh, and Manchester, UK. Last summer, the Chiron Pur Sport showed off its stuff at the Goodwood Festival of Speed as it raced up the famous hillclimb.

Sadly, Bugatti also said goodbye to now-former CEO Stephan Winkelmann in November after a nearly four-year stint leading the company. He has since returned full-time running Lamborghini. Meanwhile, Bugatti's future has never looked brighter.

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"We believe what we have created with Bugatti Rimac is the best hypercar company in the world, blending over a century of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation with the quick-thinking, ingenious engineering and pioneering electrification technology of Rimac Automobili," said Mate Rimac. "I can't think of a better combination of expertise and - as a life-long admirer of Bugatti - it's an honor for me to lead this joint company as CEO into a revolutionary new future for Bugatti."

As for 2022, Bugatti already plans to deliver at least 80 new vehicles to buyers, starting with the first Chiron Super Sport, followed by all ten hand-built examples of the Centodieci.

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