Extreme Hummer Alterations


The Hummer may be gone, but thanks to these creative modders it will never be forgotten.

The Hummer may be gone, but thanks to these creative modders it will never be forgotten. When you think of the Hummer, what comes to mind? If you didn't answer with "wagon wheels" or “remote controlled," then you are definitely going to want to check out all of these extreme Hummer alterations. Sure, anyone can put spinning rims and a banging sound system in an H2; but how many H2s do you know of with gullwing doors, a Speed Racer-inspired paint job and a 560 horsepower engine? I rest my case.

British artist Matthew Harrison is aiming to put tire shops out of business forever with his wagon-wheeled Hummer H3. This unique H3 was designed for London's ZOO Art Fair and is intended to represent the present and afterlife of the H3. No word on whether it's safe to drive on wooden wheels.

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What the Hummer GT lacks in wagon wheels it more than makes up for with its unique combination of speed and style. This Hummer was custom-built by Geiger Cars and features gullwing doors and a killer paint job. The Hummer GT is built for speed with a 556 horsepower engine that can do 0 to 60 in 7.9 seconds and top out at 140 mph.

A team of engineers at the Cranfield University in Bedfordshire, England, created a life-sized H3 that can be controlled entirely from a remote-control. Unfortunately, this life-sized RC car will not be appearing on Toys “R” Us shelves anytime soon as it was designed simply to show how awesome an RC H3 could be.

This electricity-guzzling golf cart was created by the appropriately named Mini Hummer Europe. The H2 golf cart is nearly identical to its much larger gas-powered counterpart with the exception of its convertible roof and smaller size.

This MEV Hummer HX is slightly larger than a golf cart (it's classified as a “resort vehicle”) and is electrically powered. The MEV Hummer HX sells for a cool $16,000 and comes in three different variations: hard top, convertible and “limo.” If this thing was street legal I bet it could give the Prius and Insight a serious run for the money.