Extreme Toyota Supra Coming With BMW M3 Power

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The Toyota Supra GRMN could be a limited-run, 510-hp special.

As Toyota goes and makes incremental changes to the GR Supra year-after-year to keep customers engaged, it seems almost a foregone conclusion that eventually, the Japanese automaker will unleash a special extra-high-performance model to cap the range. A report back in January made just such a claim about a forthcoming "GRMN" model with nearly 400 horsepower.

You can put away all those tired old "the Supra is GERMAN" jokes. Here, "GRMN" reportedly stands for "Gazoo Racing - Meister of Nurburgring."

But a newer report alleges that the 395-hp rating claimed in January's report was actually quite conservative, saying that instead, the Toyota Supra GRMN will deliver a whopping 500-plus horsepower, courtesy of the twin-turbocharged inline-6 engine that will power the next BMW M3 and M4.

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It's important that we take this news with a grain of salt; the Japanese website that originated the report, Best Car Web, was the very same site that first broke the news of a 395-horsepower Toyota Supra GRMN, so they're contradicting themselves here. The site does note that BMW was apparently apprehensive to fork over their high-powered M3/M4 engine for Supra duty, which could account for why Toyota will reportedly only build 200 GRMNs, posing much less of a threat to M car sales.

As if that weren't enough, Best Car Web suggests 12 million yen as a possible ballpark MSRP for the Toyota Supra GRMN, which works out to roughly $112,000 US. That might be enough to make the top-spec Supra a rather hard sell.

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Best Car Web's report also puts a 2025 expiration date on the current Toyota GR Supra, with no replacement in the works, which, as much as we hate to say it, sounds quite plausible in spite of the outlet's other, harder-to-fathom claims. Today's highly regulated, emissions-obsessed automotive environment and its affects on pricing and powertrains make building sports cars a risky bet.

But if everything the report claims comes true, the 500-plus-horsepower Toyota Supra GRMN will be a superb - albeit low-volume - send-off.

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Source Credits: Best Car Web

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