Extreme Turbo Systems Shows Nissan GT-R Hitting 2,000WHP On The Dyno


Complete with flames!

Its heavily modified Nissan GT-R took over the mantle as world's quickest Godzilla from AMS Performance last year when it clocked a quarter-mile time of 7.81 seconds at 183 mph. At the time, we weren't sure exactly how much power the supercar killer was putting down, estimating that it was somewhere north of 1,500 hp, but this video shows the beast on the dyno as it delivers 2,000 whp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque to the rollers.

Packing a ETS T4 Top Mount Turbo kit, an English Racing engine tune, 55 psi of boost, PTE turbos, and six ID2000cc injectors, we look forward to seeing this lethal weapon out on the drag strip soon.

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