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Extremely Rare 888-HP Novitec Rosso Ferrari SA Aperta Up For Sale

Rare even in non-Novitec form.

Ferrari never did build many units of the SA Aperta. In fact, production was limited to a scant 80 units, so being able to find one for sale at all is a major accomplishment. But the SA Aperta you see here also has the distinction of being tuned by Novitec Rosso. Based off the 599, the SA Aperta left the factory with 661 horsepower. But Novitec has strapped a couple of superchargers to the 6.0-liter V12 and bumped the power rating up to 888 horsepower.

That's actually all we know about what modifications this SA Aperta might have gotten, although that is a pretty important one. The livery is heritage-inspired and was first seen on the original 250 GTO Tour de France car. This particular car is practically new as well, with just 2,300 miles on the odometer. The asking price is set at 895,000 Euros, or a bit over a million dollars. It is evidently in France, although not much further information was offered.

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