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It's one of only two or three examples in the world finished in stunning "Azzurro Dino" blue.

Ferrari collectors may want to pay the upcoming Silverstone Auctions Race Retro sale in the UK later this month because an extremely rare Ferrari Dino 246GT is going under the hammer.

While it may not be as revered as other Prancing Horses in the Ferrari stable such as the F40 and 250 GT Lusso, it's arguably one of the prettiest road-going Ferraris ever made with a beautiful body designed by Pininfarina and produced by Scaglietti. This specific 246 GT is one of only 235 right-hand-drive examples in the UK. If that didn't already make it extremely rare, it's also one of only two or three examples finished in a stunning Azzurro Dino blue color.

"This stunning E-Series Dino has to be one of the most original and unmolested 246GTs anywhere", said Guy Lees-Milne, general manager at Silverstone Auctions. "The Dino is a very popular model among Ferrari enthusiasts, and given that this example is one of so few finished in the stunning Azzurro Dino blue and has been Classiche awarded, it's a perfect example for collectors."

The car was first delivered in December 1971 with a Nero leather-trimmed interior and optional radio, nose bar and electric windows. Since then, it has only had four registered owners and has just 51,786 miles on the odometer. It also received an extensive restoration in 1991 that included a complete engine rebuild and paint refresh. This process was documented in a leather-bound photo album containing 232 pictures, which is included in the sale.

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Last year, the current owner also gave the car an overhaul with updated brakes and suspension at a cost of $13,000. Under the hood, the car is still powered by its original 2.4-liter V6 engine. You could argue this isn't a true Ferrari since Dino models weren't deemed worthy enough to wear the prestigious Prancing Horse until the Dino 308 GT4 2+2 arrived in 1976, which became the first ever V8-powered Ferrari road car.

However, this 1976 example was hailed as the "Definitive Dino" by the Haynes Motor Museum in the UK in recognition of its originality, rare color, and low ownership. Silverstone Auctions estimates the 1972 Ferrari Dino 246GT Coupe will fetch between $310,000 and $361,000 when it goes under the hammer at the Silverstone Auctions Race Retro sale on February 23.

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