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Extremely Rare Low-Mileage Ferrari F40 LM Looking For A New Home

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It can be yours, providing you have $6.1 million to spare.

As one of the most iconic supercars of all time, the Ferrari F40 really needs no introduction. But you may not be as well acquainted with its more hardcore sibling, the F40 LM. Ferrari never intended for the F40 to go racing, but Daniel Marin, managing director of French Ferrari importer Charles Pozzi SA, eventually persuaded the automaker to build a limited run of track-focused F40s adhering to IMSA regulations. The result was the F40 LM (Le Mans), limited to just 19 examples.

Bearing in mind the F40 was already the fastest road car of its time, the LM version took the fabled supercar to new extremes, transforming it into a race car for the road. The aggressive bodywork featured more extreme front and rear wings, and the car was fitted with larger disc brakes and calipers, revised suspension, competition-spec gearbox, wider wheels and tires, and an even more stripped-out interior with a futuristic digital dashboard. Out of the 19 F40 LMs that were produced, four were configured to GTC spec – one of which is now looking for a new home. Listed for sale by James Edition, this particular Ferrari F40 LM only has 1,616 miles on the clock.

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Like the road car, power is provided by a twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V8, but Ferrari managed to extract 720 hp thanks to new turbochargers, Behr intercoolers and Weber-Marelli electronic fuel injection. Sadly, the F40's distinctive pop-up headlights were replaced with fixed lamps, but the F40 LM weighed just 2,314 pounds as a result. It's a great opportunity to own one of the rarest Ferrari F40s in the world, providing you have $6.1 million to spare. That's a steep asking price considering you can get a LaFerrari for around half that amount. Then again, a Ferrari 250 GTO recently sold for a record-breaking $80 million, so rare prancing horses appear to be increasing in value at an alarming rate.