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Extremely Well Maintained 1980 Aston Martin V8 "Oscar India" Up For Sale

A very rare car from a troubled period in the company's history.

Though the V8 was in production by Aston Martin for some time, it remains a fairly rare and valuable car, as production numbers were low for its entire run. But some versions are more valuable than others, and the Series 4 “Oscar India” is generally the most valuable. Built from 1978 to 1985, just 352 units were ever produced, and these featured the first use of wooden interior trim since the DB2/4 of the Fifties, though power output was low due to emissions standards.

The nickname, which many of you will recognize as NATO phonetic code for the letters “O” and “I” simply stands for “October Introduction” and is easily the most boring car nickname story ever. But the car itself is beautiful, and this one in particular is especially impressive because it has not been restored, and is simply in such good shape because it has been so well cared for. It is for sale through a dealer in the UK for £80,000, or about $125,000.

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