F-150 SVT Raptor Halo 4 by Galpin

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Commissioned by Microsoft, the pimped out F-150 Raptor was designed for a gaming contest for the company's PC game Halo 4.

As one of the most capable trucks on the market, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor customized by Galpin Auto Sports was a fitting choice for Mircosoft's Halo 4 Infinity Challenge online gaming contest. Those familiar with the game set in 2557 will have to decide whether the truck is a suitable stand in for the Warthog space buggy. The LA-based "Pimp My Ride" crew started by giving the special-edition truck a full custom paint job using different shades of matte green and a Line-X textured spray coating the fender flares, bumpers, and the Raptor's bed.

GAS then installed a new Fox coilover suspension, giving the truck an extra 2.5 inches in order to accommodate a massive set of 35-inch Mud Grappler tires. Performance enhancements include a Whipple supercharger and Magnaflow exhaust that gives the Raptor around 550 hp. A truck custom-built for gaming obviously has to be packed with entertainment goodies and GAS didn't disappoint. Inside the custom leather and canvas military-style interior an Xbox was fitted that feeds a video signal to four monitors in the cab: a pair of 7-inch head rest monitors, a 10-inch drop-down monitor and the dashboard touchscreen that displays the gameplay when in park.

The seats were reupholstered with green neoprene inserts and embroidered with the Halo 4 logo, while the UNSC logo features on the power roll-top tonneau and front doors, and comes in green illuminated form on the Xbox enclosure housed under the rear seat. As of writing, the fantasy truck has already been spoken for but we have yet to receive shots of it in action.

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