F-Type Coupe is Jaguar Designer's Favorite

"It's my favorite car from all those I've worked on."

The verdict is in: the new Jaguar F-Type Coupe is beyond gorgeous. It may just be the best-looking Jaguar designed since the iconic E-Type. Even the man who penned the sexy two-door has admitted total admiration for his own work. Jaguar design chief Ian Callum just stated that "it’s my favorite car from all those I’ve worked on...I love this car." That’s a bold statement coming from the guy whose work also includes the rest of the current Jag lineup as well as the Aston Martin DB7.

Because the coupe was also his favorite E-Type variant, Callum was determined to get this latest coupe perfect. "It’s an icon for me, (E-Type coupe) and a car I still have a great fondness for. I love the simplicity of the rear and how it drops off, something we’ve done with the F-Type." Interestingly, Callum also revealed the roadster was completed first because convertibles are "harder to design and engineer than coupes. If you get the convertible right then it’s easier for the coupe to follow, rather than the other way around." The original C-X16 concept was clearly the design inspiration, and it’s incredible how little changed in the final production design.

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