F-Type Stars in "Burning Desire" Music Video

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Lana Del Rey climbs inside the Jaguar F-Type in the music video for "Burning Desire".

Pretty girl in a beautiful dress? Check. Sultry vocals? Check. Glamorous location? Check. Red European roadster? Check. There isn't a lot this music video doesn't have, in fact. Only considering that Ridley Scott's company is behind it, you'd figure it would have more explosions and battle scenes. What you're looking at here is the video for award-winning singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey, filmed at the Rivoli Ballroom in South East London and featuring the new Jaguar F-Type roadster.

The song, entitled "Burning Desire", is to form the theme for a film called "Desire", starring Damian Lewis of "Homeland" fame, directed by Adam Smith and produced by Ridley Scott Associates for Jaguar. The movie, set around a man who delivers cars for a living, is to be released in the spring, but in the meantime you can check out the music video below.

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