F-Type SVR Vs. Corvette Grand Sport Pits American Muscle Against British Luxury

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This comparison test makes no sense but is still fun to watch play out.

The Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport and Jaguar F-Type SVR aren't direct competitors. For starters, the Jag costs twice as much as the Chevy. The Brit is also much more powerful, has all-wheel drive and-we could go on but you get the point. Despite the fact that these two don't match up all that well, CNET Roadshow decided to do a comparison test anyways. If you're a big fan of American muscle you might want to avert your eyes. Spoiler alert: The Corvette gets smoked in just about every head-to-head matchup here.

That's less due to the quality of the Corvette and more about what kind of car it is. As the two presenters say in the video, the Grand Sport is the middle child of the lineup. Its engine is smaller than the Z06's but with the optional bits and bobs added on it becomes quite capable on the track. It's brash and not all that refined. It's a muscle car for crying out loud!

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Compare that to the F-Type SVR which is a luxury grand tourer with a few factors that make it competent on the track, including the aforementioned AWD and that massive supercharged V8. Then again, it is automatic whereas the Corvette can be had with a seven-speed manual. Really, the only thing these two cars have in common is the number of cylinders under the hood and the amount of seats in each. Still, it's a fun comparison test and the drag race between the two has a surprising outcome.

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